Kit Major Shares Official Music Video For “When the Drugs Don’t Work”

Today, Los Angeles-based art-pop artist Kit Major shares the music video for “When the Drugs Don’t Work,” a more introspective stab at her signature dark, electropop sound. Blending driving dance beats and thumping hyperpop-influenced synths, Kit Major creates an intoxicating elixir of soundbites and grit.

Taking inspiration from Charli XCX, Billie Eilish, and Charlotte Lawrence, “When the Drugs Don’t Work” dives into the overwhelming vulnerability and panic of failing to curb a depressive episode with medication. With this release, Kit Major furthers her efforts to be open and make light of her mental health struggles.

On the video, Kit Major shares, “When The Drugs Don’t Work was filmed in one weekend, directed by my best friend in my departed grandparents’ now empty house. We filmed this in quarantine without a crew and worked to create a dark & twisted fairytale together. When I first started thinking about the video, I knew I wanted a more lighthearted take to balance the darker theme of my mental health in the song. I wrote the lyric, “little princess hurt locked away inside her palace,” because sometimes when I’m isolated in my room I visualize myself as a Disney princess running inside her castle, instead of being in my bed, surrounded by empty water bottles. This song was written from a mix of different perspectives including my own, my persona, and outside voices. I think we accomplished the storytelling behind WTDDW by portraying the importance of imagination and trusting yourself.”