Royal Canoe Announce New LP

Today, Royal Canoe announces their upcoming LP Sidelining, out July 9th on Paper Bag Records. The lead single, “Butterfalls,” is out today.

Following up on the successes of their 2019 album Waver and subsequent RC3PO and Glacial (Live) EPs, Paper Bag Records is very excited to announce Royal Canoe’s next full-length release Sidelining. It’s a remarkable and uplifting collection of new music driven by Royal Canoe’s characteristically compelling rhythms and filled with unexpected turns.

You’re having a bit of a year, aren’t you? I mean, that’s kind of a silly question, because we’re all having a bit of a year – this is just a strange time to be alive – but you’re in over your head. Sure, you made the necessary adjustments. You bought a bread making kit. You did yoga twice. You got a Zoom-pro account. And yet, for some reason, that third re-watch of The Wire just isn’t hitting right. Then, all of a sudden, one of those rogue anxiety-waves comes crashing through your brain fog. You realize that you’ve been spinning in a dozen different overlapping whirlpools. Your work feels joyless and irrelevant. Your relationship is complicated. Everyday the world somehow out-clusterfucks itself. You can’t sleep. You look in the mirror and you’re kinda gross. You’re scrolling and scrolling, watching the goddamn Joneses be as busy as ever. Your body aches in weird new ways. And then, suddenly, the existential threats start to pile on, and it’s like, “OK.. I need to take a minute here…” And that’s when you remember that this isn’t your first rodeo. You take a breath and you tell yourself that you can only control the controllables. Maybe be less of a jerk in your relationships. Try exercising. Read a book. You have friends – lean on them. But also support them, and those around you who need it. And take care of yourself, too, because it’s not necessarily going to get any easier. You step outside for a moment. There’s music playing. The air feels kind. You’re sitting on the stoop watching all that sun shining.