Jordan McGraw Delivers Ice Cream And Chases “Her” In Quirky New Music Video

Today, pop singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Jordan McGraw uncovers the music video for his new single “HER.”

In the video, directed by Drew Kirsch & Taylor Fauntleroy, Jordan puts a twist on ice cream truck nostalgia driving through a seemingly “idyllic” suburban neighborhood sprinkled with some 2021 realness as he serves a modern day cast of residents including a group of goths, a prom queen/mechanic, geriatric leather-clad punks, and all kinds of other characters. In the spirit of welcoming everyone to the party, he has a scoop ready for everyone.

“The characters in the video were inspired in part by the different versions of myself growing up,” he says. “I was a jock in high school who suddenly started painting his nails black. At 18, I started getting tattoos as if I only had a year to get ‘em all,” he chuckles. “I didn’t dance on my doorstep, but I definitely played music so loud I was on a first name basis with the cops,” he adds. “The video is about celebrating who you are and forgetting about who you’re supposed to be.”

Making headlines, Jordan just took the stage for a showstopping performance of “HER” on The Late Late Show with James Corden.