CARRiNGTON MacDUFFiE Releases Lyric Video for “Baby Played Me”

Eclectic Indie singer-songwriter CARRiNGTON MacDUFFiE sets the stage for summer with the release of the lyric video for her latest single, “Baby Played Me.” MacDUFFiE’s lyric takes fans on a journey of musical inspiration and unexpected lost love through ethereal tones and dreamy melodies. The hip yet heartbreaking mood gives listeners the perspective of being “played like a little guitar.” With rich behind-the-scenes footage and bursts of color, the video allows fans to dive further into the storyline of the single. Viewers are invited in to see Carrington and the band jam behind the scenes.

“This is really an homage to musicianship in the form of a mod, lovelorn ballad. The footage was captured in a couple of different studios in Nashville, in a rehearsal studio and a flat in Glasgow, and one shoot took place in a former factory in that city, unheated, in the middle of an ice storm. It was barely above freezing, so the five of us band members either kept moving for the video camera, or we huddled around the single space heater — and had a blast. Drummer Allan James gets the tough-guy prize for wearing only a turtleneck,” shares MacDUFFiE.

MacDUFFiE has been hard at work in the studio to deliver fans new music and is ready to showcase her diamond intellect on a stage near you as venues slowly begin to reopen. Her magnetic energy never ceases as she maintains a unique sound; enticing listeners for what is to come. The “Baby Played Me” lyric video provides exclusive insight into what fans can expect from her upcoming album due out this summer. MacDUFFiE’s emotional understanding of life, love, and music is clearly present throughout this song.