Daniel Aged Releases New Album ‘You Are Protected By Silent Love’

Today, Daniel Aged releases his new album You Are Protected by Silent Love. The album arrives as a balm, with room for every shade of emotion but guided by a tender, unafraid hand. The album includes the previously-released single “Home_Lost” and follows last year’s Bass Improvisations EP as well as his 2018 self-titled solo debut, which Pitchfork called “remarkably satisfying.”

Speaking about the album, Aged says: “This collection of music was made as a means to acceptance and moving forward. Exploring parts of my self/soul/sound, and allowing. Many of these pieces started as something from the past, small relics of my recent life (past few years) that developed into something closer to a song. Combining elements of various pieces or images that I felt drawn to, to form one piece. Treating it as a collage and usually improvising melodies and parts within, then building on those sparks. Embracing the complexity and transitory nature of emotions, and improvising in that space, then extracting parts that felt true and unique.”

You Are Protected by Silent Love also inaugurates the launch of Aged’s record label, Chiron Sound Ltd., a multimedia platform for exploring musical autonomy and dedicated to the release of his own music and quality recordings of friends and fellow travelers. The label will focus on free expression, improvisation, and singular visions – unconstrained by genre, the label will draw alliances across geography and generations towards a horizon of progressive music, tuned to uplift, comfort, and inspire.

The album takes Daniel Aged’s luminous head music into even deeper waters that subtly recall the percussive drive of footwork and jungle. Aged’s instrumentation is so expressive that it’s easy to forget that the album is an all-instrumental affair, anchored largely by his keening pedal steel textures and bass playing. In under an hour Aged invokes the urbane pastoralism of Jim O’Rourke and Ralph Towner as much as the passing chords of Thomas Whitfield’s band at their peak or D’Angelo’s Voodoo reduced to only morning mist and tumbleweeds.

Over the course of two decades, Daniel Aged’s artistic vision has been defined by rugged sensitivity and exploratory precision. From his origins as a teenage protegee session and live musician for Raphael Saadiq, John Legend, Beck and Elton John (among many others), his production, arrangement and musical direction work for Frank Ocean (specifically on “Dear April,” “Cayendo,” and DHL”), Zsela, FKA Twigs, Rosalía, and Kelela, and his own band inc no world’s crystalline soul excursions, Aged has wound through contemporary pop music as a master craftsman adaptable to anything yet fully in his own lane.