Flotsam And Jetsam Reveal Lyric Video for Title Track from Blistering New Album ‘Blood In The Water’

Thrash metal legends Flotsam And Jetsam have revealed a new lyric video for “Blood In The Water,” the second single and title track from the band’s fourteenth studio, out June 4 via AFM Records.

“We had almost finished the entire record when this one popped up,” says drummer Ken K Mary. “We knew from the sheer intensity of the piece we were going to have to add it to the album, even though we had tons of great songs already. It ended up becoming the title track. It’s one of the most aggressive Flotsam songs ever and the video is just an extension of the song.”

“Blood In The Water” sees the return of Flotsam And Jetsam’s Flotzilla, the creature that graced the Arizona-based quintet’s 1986 debut Doomsday for the Deceiver, in an updated and even more menacing form.

“Mash up speed metal, thrash metal, power metal, and throw yourself around the pit metal,” says vocalist Eric “AK” Knutson. “But beware, if you swim in the FLOTSAM pool, Flotzilla can smell the ‘Blood in the Water.’ The video says it all…Flotzilla is back. He’s a mountain of fury and he’s lurking in the water and waiting.”