Mob Rich Unveils “Made To Fall” From Upcoming Debut Album ‘Why No Why’ Out May 14th

Today, alt-pop duo Mob Rich gifts their fans with a new song, “Made To Fall,” ahead of their debut album release next month. “Made To Fall” is the latest track to be released ahead of Why No Why on May 14th.

On “Made To Fall,” Mob Rich grapples with existential thoughts and questions that so many people can relate to – something that has become signature in their songwriting – making life’s big questions seem more relatable and easier to talk about.

Mob Rich says, “This song is a result of so many conversations we’ve had with each other about our fears and doubts as we navigate our lives. It’s really about the questions of whether we start out flawed and pre-disposed towards certain pathways and behavior or whether we break along the way. While we both think that the truth lies somewhere in between those two things, this song is a result of us sitting with that question and trying to come up with the answer for ourselves.”