Peter Matthew Bauer Shares “One Pair Of Blue Eyes”

Today, Walkmen-founder and Fortune Tellers label head Peter Matthew Bauer shares “One Pair Of Blue Eyes.”

Peter Matthew Bauer is a solo recording artist born in 1978 in Washington DC. A founder of seminal New York art rock band the Walkmen, he released 6 full length albums as part of the band before his first solo LP Liberation! (Mexican Summer) in 2014. He followed that up with Mount Qaf (Divine Love) at the end of 2017.

Over the last few years he founded his own record label and management company called Fortune Tellers. The company represents artists such as Starcrawler, Liily, Matt Costa and Johanna Samuels and has recent label releases from the rapper/producer Lushlife, the indie band Caveman and new artist Caroline Kingsbury. Peter’s new single One Pair of Blue Eyes is out April 30th on the imprint following a single called Mountains on Mountains earlier this year.

One Pair of Blue Eyes is based on some digitized recordings of old folk records from around the world passed around by Peter’s former bandmate Walter Martin from his record collection. In 2014, Peter abandoned a session that sampled a (possibly) Indonesian recording of the Hindu epic “The Ramayana” only to rediscover it earlier this year. The origins of the sample are unclear and further research has only turned up dead ends so far. The process of rediscovery continued with Peter cutting up unused lyrics from an old notebook of lyrics and discovering a separate electric guitar befitting the song recorded even earlier elsewhere on a hard drive. The result is a strange kind of time bending and timelessness over the course of it’s 3 plus minutes centered around the repeating phrase “It’s so hard it just breaks my heart. It’s so hard it just breaks my heart.”