The Rare Occasions Share “Call Me When You Get There”

LA-based and New England-bred indie rock band The Rare Occasions have released their latest single, “Call Me When You Get There,” a fun power pop anthem about missing someone who’s been away for a long time, and coordinating an airport pickup. Buzzing with energy, the song ricochets between an eclectic mix of percussion and more classic indie rock electric guitar riff, all beneath a thumping kick drum that propels the track forward.

The colorful 90’s-retro video perfectly captures the fun essence of the song, as well as the essence of The Rare Occasions as a band: their eclectic personalities, their unique charm, and their contagious energy that seeps into every song they write. The trio initially made an acoustic version of “Call Me When You Get There” for the Tiny Desk Contest and it got picked up by NPR’s All Songs Considered Blog: an exciting turn that prompted the group to record the song for their upcoming album, Big Whoop (out June 18th).

On the track, the band says, “Call Me When You Get There is a quirky little song about coordinating picking up your loved one(s) at the airport. Rushing through traffic, finding the terminal, and finally getting to see the person you’ve been missing after a long time. We were feeling like a lot of the music coming from our genre focuses on radiating a certain coolness to the point that it neglects the fun aspect of the music. So this is us doing the opposite, playing a song that makes us laugh, singing three-part harmonies and just having fun with it.”

Kenneth Bauer, the director for the music video, adds, “I really loved the moodiness we captured from the previous music video, “Stay,” but I wanted this one to be a complete shift in the opposite direction. With vibrant colors, Brady Bunch-inspired telephone editing, and cartoonish animations, I think we definitely achieved that, giving everyone a sense of who The Rare Occasions really are – a group of super talented musicians that aren’t afraid to joke around and have fun.”