Pageants Announce New LP ‘Sun and Settled Days’

Pageants—the Long Beach, CA-based duo of partners and bandmates Rebecca Coleman and Devin O’Brien—today announced their new album Sun and Settled Days will be released on July 30th, 2021, sharing the syrupy, intoxicating first single “It Might Be Crazy” as an early preview. The 11 tracks of glittering indie pop across Sun and Settled Days find the pair personally liberated and sonically mature as they crystallize the golden formula to their sound: a bright blend of dream pop, shoegaze, and ‘60s surf. Pageants mine their pain with an air of positivity and playful vitality, which is their true power.

Written when my and Devin’s relationship was spread thin across the continent while he toured with Cherry Glazerr, and my vision of what was possible in my own music career was narrowing on the daily, ‘It Might Be Crazy’ became an anthem for those hit with the reality of their circumstances,” explains Coleman. “This was a time in my life when I realized that everything I’d been working for might have been in vain, but I chose to keep fighting for what and who I love.”

Sun and Settled Days reflects real life in all its complexities and merges melancholic, lovesick​ lyrics with Coleman’s dark humor and O’Brien’s gratifyingly catchy production. The strong feminine energy they both were raised with radiates throughout (“classic single-mom songs” soundtracked their upbringings, such as Liz Phair, Sheryl Crow and The Cranberries), as well as the influence of other longtime favorites like Black Tambourine, Vashti Bunyan and The Beach Boys.