Tatiana Hazel Shares “Tired of Being Myself”

Today, Tatiana Hazel shares the new song and video, “Tired of Being Myself.” The definition of DIY, the track was written, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely by Hazel herself. The result is an infectiously soft and shimmering soundscape that creates a world all on its own.

Speaking on the song, Hazel says: “Simply put, this is a song for the weirdos by a weirdo. I made the beat for ‘Tired of Being Myself’ late one night and ended up freestyling most of the lyrics over it kind of mindlessly just to vent. When the song was done and I listened back to it the next day I was like WOW this is what I’ve felt my whole life and could never put into words. I’ve never quite fit in anywhere and have always had a hard time connecting with people. I actually LOVE being myself though, but this is just about those dumb vulnerable moments I think a lot of us have when I wish I could just be ‘normal.’”

“Tired of Being Myself” is the DIY popstar’s first taste of new music this year and follows her 2020 EP, Duality, which Remezcla said “sets an important example for anyone who worries they’re not good enough to fulfill their goals (you are!), while also encouraging the embracing of one’s own identity (up the self-love!).”