Zoon Shares “Round The Bend” (Beck Cover)

Zoon (or Zoongide’ewin) is the powerful musical force of Daniel Monkman. His debut album, Bleached Wavves, is a record intentionally shaped upon his deep love of Shoegaze (notably My Bloody Valentine) merged with his Ojibway heritage and upbringing. It became one of the most critically acclaimed and internationally celebrated debut records of 2020.

Zoon returns today with a cover of “Round The Bend” from Beck’s reflective 2002 Sea Change LP. And, via the Zoon filter, it remarkably feels like much of what he did with his debut LP: recalibrate the music he loves via his own distinct lens. It sounds like Zoon reinterpreting his connection to Beck’s heartbreak, alongside an intentional, steady, gauzy and dreamy introspective style of folk icon, Nick Drake.