Guitar Virtuoso Bernth Challenges Fans to Play Catchiest Riff from ‘Elevation’ to Win $2,000 Ibanez Guitar

To celebrate the release of his debut album Elevation – out today – guitar sensation Bernth is giving away his $2,000 golden Ibanez RG657AHM GDF Prestige guitar to the player who submits the best cover video featuring the main riff from the new single, “Dopamine.”

“The new single features one of my favorite riffs on the entire album – it’s a tricky combination of chords and tapping slides,” says Bernth. “I would like to challenge my online guitar community to post a quick cover of the main riff! Make sure to tag my Instagram or Facebook profile. The best contribution gets the golden Ibanez Prestige guitar I played on tour in 2019. I played it at the Rock am Ring and Rock im Park festivals and there are tons of amazing memories and moments stored in that guitar!”

Second and third place winners of the challenge will receive a free Elevation Box Set, including a Digipak, personally signed autograph card, five poster practice set and a personal message from Bernth.

Tabs for the “Dopamine” main riff are available for free on his Patreon page, don’t forget to tag Bernth in your post to enter the competition: