Jesse Terry’s ‘When We Wander’ In Stores Now

After 10 years of full-time touring, with six mostly fan-funded albums and three EPs under his belt, Connecticut born singer/songwriter Jesse Terry’s seventh album, When We Wander, is the first he wrote since becoming a parent. So, it’s no surprise the family theme courses through many of its 12 songs. His music career has been a family project ever since he became a full-time touring artist a decade ago.

That was right around the time when Jesse met his wife Jess working on a cruise ship in the South Pacific. Now with two-year-old Lily added to the clan, family is more important than ever to him, including the parental urge to love and protect.

Recorded in 2019 in Nashville with producer Neilson Hubbard (Mary Gauthier, Glen Phillips), the songs off the new album have really clicked with fans online. Since it was recorded live, the album especially resonates with the intimacy and community spirit of the online shows.