Joy Oladokun Collaborates With Maren Morris On New Song“Bigger Man”

Emerging singer, songwriter and musician Joy Oladokun joined forces with Grammy Award-winning artist Maren Morris for her new song, “Bigger Man,” out today. Written by Oladokun, Morris, Jimmy Robbins and Laura Veltz, the track is the latest unveiled from Oladokun’s highly-anticipated forthcoming major label debut album, set for release on Amigo Records/Verve Forecast/Republic Records.

Of the collaboration, Oladokun shares, “The day we wrote ‘Bigger Man’ was actually the first day I had met Maren Morris, Jimmy Robbins, and Laura Veltz. We were bouncing ideas around the room, and I had this song idea that came to mind when I was meditating that morning. The idea was about being the bigger man. In my life, I sometimes experience being the youngest and the most inexperienced, and yet I have to conduct myself as though I am way above my years or my maturity. I think it’s an old feeling, especially for women and people of color, of having to be stronger, better, brighter, and harder working at everything just to get a shot. We wrote from that place and the song was born—I’m really proud of what we did. I’m also excited about the friendship and the things that were born out of it. I hope it helps people in the same way that it has helped me.”