Deadeye Dick’s Iconic 90’s hit “New Age Girl” To Be Re-Released May 21

Anyone who saw the classic 90’s comedy Dumb & Dumber, starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, probably walked away with an appreciation for just how funny truly “dumb” behavior can be in the hands of insanely talented actors, and a love for the song “New Age Girl” from the movie’s soundtrack. That infectious ear candy from New Orleans based band Deadeye Dick was, according to songwriter and band member Caleb Guillotte, about Mary Moon, a fictitious vegetarian described in the song’s catchy hook, “She don’t eat meat/But she sure like the bone”.

Recorded 30 years ago in New Orleans, the song’s history has taken more twists and turns than a movie plot. Originally released on Ichiban Records, the track went gold as a solid alternative rock/pop hit. Then it enjoyed a second even larger life when it was released as part of the Dumb & Dumber soundtrack on RCA Records. Going gold again, the song was now in the rarified air of technically being worthy of having gone platinum. But from there the song’s life gets strange and stranger.

When Ichiban Records declared bankruptcy in 1999, “New Age Girl” was sold off as part of the record company’s holdings. Over subsequent years, possession of the song was passed from one corporate entity to another and although members of Deadeye Dick desperately tried to take back what had been theirs, they did not succeed. As a result, “New Age Girl” has not been available on streaming services, something the band wanted to remedy as soon as possible.

So, Deadeye Dick re-recorded the song in celebration of its 30th anniversary and are now making this version, which is identical to the original except that the band owns this master recording, available on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora and all streaming services around the world on Friday, May 21. So now, anyone who loves music with a cool story, great humor, and an infectious beat can get their fix when and wherever they stream music.

“Fans of 90’s music need to know that Mary Moon is still out there,” said the band’s manager Stephen Klein, of Stephen Klein Management. “And yes, she has not changed one bit.”