Hauskey Is Back With New Single “Cream Shirt”

Up and coming Australian artist and producer Hauskey releases his new single “Cream Shirt” today via slowplay/Republic Records.

On the song, Hauskey bottles the innocence and carefree joy of the day before a traumatic event. The moment lives on in his chorus as he sings, “I think it might be like this forever, sitting in the sun on the grass. And you’re wearing nothing but that cream shirt, and then it all was gone so fast.”

About “Cream Shirt,” he commented, “‘Cream Shirt’ is about loss, and the last oblivious and blissful day you had before you found out you’d lost it; a partner, a family member, a job, a pet, normal life pre-covid, whatever it is. The day before a traumatic or life changing event is fascinating to me, you assume things will always be that way. And they never are, they come and go, so fast.”