1st Round NFL Draft Pick 1st Round NFL Draft Pick Damon Arnette (NWG Suave) Releases New Single “Netway” Off Upcoming Album ‘Misunderstood’

South Florida native and Las Vegas Raiders cornerback Damon Arnette is set to release his debut album this summer under his rap name NWG Suave. Today he released his newest single “Netway” following a premiere yesterday with Hip-HopVibe.com. Since being drafted #19 overall in the first round in 2020 by Las Vegas Raiders Arnette has been using his newly found love of creating music as an emotional outlet during these new and exciting yet stressful times. This passion for music isn’t something new for Arnette as he has always dabbled in freestyling with friends throughout high school and college years, but it wasn’t until after he was drafted that he chose to really focus on creating his own music. Since then, he has created almost 100 tracks under the NWG Suave name something he credits to helping him handle the emotions associated with his everyday life and high profile day job. So far NWG Suave has released four singles “Free Smoke,” Why You,” “Sliding” and “On The Rise” in the buildup to his debut album Misunderstood set to drop later this summer.

Misunderstood is a project NWG Suave created specifically for his debut release as a way to correct any misconceptions people had about Arnette both professionally and personally. This album is Arnette’s way of explaining his thoughts and actions to those around him that may have misunderstood him, like fans, past coaches, scouts or journalists. His goal with this project is to show everyone the inner workings of Arnette’s mind, giving them an insight into how he operates and functions both on and off the field. With over three albums in the can waiting for release NWG Suave has been working hard over the last year putting his emotions into his music and Misunderstood is just the introduction of more to come from NWG Suave in the coming year.

In addition, to launching his own music career NWG Suave is getting ready to launch his own label, Netway The Label. Following a blueprint NWG Suave saw growing up with Master P and his label No Limit, NWG Suave plans to use his label to help elevate the music careers of his friends around him including Baby Slime and DukeBinLaden members of a group he refers to as the Netway Gang a group of lifelong friends from South Florida where NWG Suave grew up. Stay tuned to NWG Suave’s socials below for updates on the release of Misunderstood in addition to future projects from Netway The Label.