Emporers & Angels Release Debut, Self-Titled Album via Curtain Call Records Today

Emporers & Angels released their debut, self-titled album today via Curtain Call Records. The band will be playing Summer Bash Indiana on July 10th at the Waterbowl in Muncie, Indiana.

The band states, “This record is a long time coming. Such a journey to release this and we couldn’t be happier to finally share our passion! Welcome to the Fray…”

Adds Matthew Nevitt, the band’s vocalist, “I have battled insecurities, hatred and confusion for longer than I know. Depression took hold of me without warning. I was in a funk! I was battling an invisible force pulling me deeper from reality and my happiness. Crazy thing is, all this happened while life seemed grand! I dug deep within to provide the darkness, truth and the helplessness I was drowning in. I also shine light and encouragement knowing it wasn’t a doctor. It wasn’t a prescription. No! It was strength found within. I accepted EVERYTHING! My faults, disappointments, failures, anxiety, even faced self hatred head on! I did my best to let down my guard to use my insecurity as fuel to write. I journeyed a personal intervention! ”

Matthew continues, “Writing this album mentally freed me and quite possibly saved me. So if you read through this, I thank you! If you feel any of this hit home. Please know you aren’t alone! We all suffer! Let this album strengthen your desire to be the best you possible.”