ePlay and Chris Clemence Announce Digital and Physical NFT Sneaker Collaboration

ePlay Digital Inc. today announced that it is partnering with Chris Clemence, the American artist, to create an exclusive line of digital and physical sneakers for mobile games, NFT marketplaces, and the upcoming Klocked app. Clemence is a musician, artist, and in-demand tattoo artist that travels between L.A., New York, and Las Vegas in attempts to satisfy demand for his work. Clemence is also the owner and creator of Tattshoos, the tattoo style footwear brand he launched in 2020. ePlay and Clemence are collaborating to create digital innovations for ePlay’s mobile games and virtual worlds including Howie Mandel’s Howie’s Games, Robert Horry’s Big Shot Basketball, and ePlay’s upcoming running app, Klocked.

“I feel so privileged to have had my music fill stadiums as an anthem for NHL, NBA, and NFL teams,” says artist Chris Clemence. “ePlay’s apps and games give me a platform to push limits of art, design, utility, and NFTs in virtual worlds and gaming.”

The partnership between ePlay and Clemence connects the two multi-billion dollar industries of sports apparel and virtual goods where revolutionary design meets digital commerce and physical apparel unlocks digital utility. The collaboration further develops ePlay’s franchises, creating blockbusters through e-commerce and interactivity. Sports apparel interoperability with programmable media and in-game utility is uniquely possible with ePlay’s mobile sports, entertainment, and eSports NFT platform.

“Chris Clemence is a talented artist that everybody should know,” says Trevor Doerksen, CEO of ePlay Digital. “ePlay’s virtual worlds, games, and apps require sneakers and our programmable media approach offers in-game utility and advanced technical interoperability with new revenue streams in the intersection of art, sport, NFTs, and gaming.”

In February, a new start-up made history selling $3.1 million worth of NFT sneakers in just seven minutes. Some estimates put the market for “skins,” or digital wearables for digital avatars in games like Fortnite, Howie Go Viral, Big Shot Basketball and Klocked in the neighborhood of $40 billion annually.