Saint Sister Share New Single “Manchester Air” & Live Performance Video

Saint Sister—the Dublin-based duo of songwriter Morgana MacIntyre and harpist/arranger Gemma Doherty—today shared their haunting, ethereal new song “Manchester Air,” the fifth single from their upcoming sophomore album, Where I Should End, out June 25th, 2021. Written in the weeks leading up the 2018 referendum on and historic, landslide repeal of the Eight Amendment in Ireland, which had effectively acted as an abortion ban, the song tells the story of a young couple dealing with an unexpected pregnancy and flying to the United Kingdom to access services. MacIntyre says that “Manchester Air,” which is more folk and traditional in its sound and structure, “harks back to the old Irish ballads of leaving home, the constant tramp of the Irish across the water.”

The duo explains further: “Writing this song felt like a cry for help. The weekend the results came through we celebrated by screaming into the sea, feeling the weight of it all wash off us. We performed the song for the first time on Inis Oírr island that weekend and it no longer felt like a cry for help, but rather a cry for every woman who was betrayed by the state and simultaneously a cry of relief, a nod to the future.” “Manchester Air,” also featured in today’s episode of NPR Music’s All Songs Considered, is out now across all DSPs, and a live performance of the song—filmed in Dublin by director Ellius Grace.