SprngBrk Shares New Single “Pride”

Rapper, producer and songwriter SprngBrk (f.k.a. A1 Bentley) is excited to share his new single “Pride,” out today via T-Pain’s Nappy Boy Entertainment and Repost By Soundcloud. The single features an unmistakable Jill Scott sample giving way to a cut about struggling in love and not wanting to stay at war. “It’s about going back and forth in my relationship where I don’t want revenge,” he says. “I just want peace.”

The song is the first introduction to SprngBrk’s new project arriving in 2021 featuring artists like Jeremih, Mario, Chris Brown, Future, Lyrica Anderson and, of course, Nappy Boy Entertainment founder T-Pain. There will also be much more in the way of songs that speak directly to what SprngBrk is going through. “The music I write for myself is very personal,” he says. “It’s based on actual things happening in my life, but really it’s just great music.”