Jelani Aryeh Shares Video For New Single “From These Heights”

21-year-old Filipino/African-American artist Jelani Aryeh is back with the video for his recently released “From These Heights”, a song that combines his knack for catchy songwriting with deep existentialist undertones. The video was filmed in an empty house with shots of protests breaking through Jelani’s emotional state and lyricism.

“It’s been a goal of mine to make a video for each single on the album. With “From These Heights” we wanted to put emphasis on the lyrics and capture its feeling with an intense performance-based video,” Jelani says. “To achieve that (director Will Noyce) really just kept it as simple as possible, with the majority of shots being just me delivering the message confined to a draped room. it’s designed so you have no option but to feel the weight of the words – I’m literally saying it to your face.”