Emby Alexander Shares “You Can Do It”

Today, Arizona-based Emby Alexander shares “You Can Do It”.

The scorching sun over Phoenix, Arizona, naturally leads to some dizzying psychedelic intensity, but it leaves its share of syrupy shadow as well. The city sits close enough to the glitz of Los Angeles to instead encourage the weirdos. For nearly a decade, Emby Alexander have sharpened their teeth in that rebellious scene, carving their own path through the desert. On Emby Alexander’s latest, SOARS ERA (due July 24th via Earth Libraries), the experimental psych pop band powerfully express that idiosyncratic outsiderdom in a way that simultaneously welcomes listeners into the fold.

A native Phoenician, frontman Michael Alexander grew up in punk and garage bands, and utilizes that scrappy DIY mentality in music that stretches into ethereal majesty. The compositions of SOARS ERA similarly blend seeming opposites in their recording, utilizing taut technological instrumentation and loose human improvisation in equal doses. Drawing from the new wave and no wave traditions of bands like Joy Division, Talking Heads, and Suicide, Alexander and bandmates Kyle Grabski, Austin Harshman, and Jeremy Lentz then explode the results like fireworks in the night sky.