Van Canto Reveals New Single and Video for “Faith Focus Finish”

The world’s most exciting acapella metal masters Van Canto return with their energetic and unique Rakkatakka-power. The inimitable new offering, To The Power Of Eight will be released this Friday, June 4th! To stir the anticipation even more, those thundering voices are smashing their new single, “Faith Focus Finish“ today. The official music video references the album’s cover artwork while also following the visual approach of the previous singles, hammering cover-version “Raise Your Horns”, originally by Swedish Vikings Amon Amarth and powerhouse “Falling Down.”

Van Canto are well-known for their catchy tunes and sophisticated interpretations of various scene classics and follow their path with record number eight as well, as the album triumphs with four red-hot cover versions and eight own, rousing band anthems!

“Faith Focus Finish’ is all about the “flow” you feel when you’re so deep into something, that you totally forget about space and time. This can happen while listening to music, making music, or even playing sports, which is where the phrase ‘Faith Focus Finish’ actually comes from. We have adopted this feeling and the result is a composition in which the parts merge seamlessly into each other. Especially the drums and the rhythm section permanently drive the song forward. Inga gave all her power here and is framed and carried by the two male lead voices. Just what you need to finally be able to pull a ship into a harbour…” says Stefan Schmidt on “Faith Focus Finish“.