Feuerschwanz Releases Official Video for “Kampfzwerg”

German medieval rock masters Feuerschwanz have released an official video for their studio track “Kampfzwerg”. The video consists of video recordings from their live stream event Die Letzte Schlacht earlier this year and new performances in typical FEUERSCHWANZ fashion. The song, originally released on the their chart-breaking studio album, Das Elfte Gebot (GER #3), quickly became a fan-favorite and the video comes as a harbinger of a big announcement to be delivered next week!

“The battle dwarf (German: Kampfzwerg) – key figure of the fantasy genre or bearded, cozy beer drinker? We say: both! And bow to the grim king of mines, gold treasures and underground halls with our latest prank!

The film footage comes from our legendary online concert “Die Letzte Schlacht” (eng.: The Last Battle) – on a cold January night on the eve of the battle we descended into the glowing ovens of the dwarf forge to salvage this videographic relic from the underworld,” says Feuerschwanz about the new video.