Long Shadows Dawn Announce Debut Album ‘Isle Of Wrath’

Long Shadows Dawn is a new musical alliance featuring Scottish vocalist Doogie White (Rainbow, Michael Schenker Fest) together with Swedish guitarist Emil Norberg (Persuader). The band’s debut album, Isle Of Wrath will be released on August 6, 2021. Today, fans can get their first listen to the guy’s collaboration with the release of the first single and video, ‘Master Of Illusion’.

Doogie and Emil have crafted an amazing hard rock record which invokes memories of the classic ‘80s era, but think more what the well loved ‘70s bands were doing in that era versus the bands that had just been introduced to the public eye then. In other words, classic rock influences which lead to a timeless hard rock vibe. Serafino Perugino, President of Frontiers Records, had a vision of hearing Doogie sing songs in the style of Rainbow, like Doogie actually did with the band for a few years, and pairing him with Emil, a lifelong Rainbow fan, seemed only logical.

“As a big fan of the line of heritage from Deep Purple to Rainbow onwards to what Yngwie Malmsteen explored with that basic sound, I tried to tap into what made me love those albums growing up. Although impossible to copy, I took a shot at making my own interpretation of the sound of what I think are the best rock albums to date in my opinion,” says Emil Norberg.

“I think working on this first Long Shadows Dawn album, something new and exciting, helped me get through the lockdown pretty much unscathed. Emil and I had no fixed plan other than to write killer tunes. We went out on a musical limb on some songs taking a bold view of the future and respectfully pulling from the well of the past. Lyrically it needed to be dark, but hopeful. Sad, but uplifting. I think we managed that. I hope it touches people’s spirits,” says Doogie White.