May Rio Shares New Single + Video “Party Jail”

May Rio Sembera of Poppies – is set to release her forthcoming debut album Easy Bammer on June 25th via Dots Per Inch Music, and today she shares new single “Party Jail.” The track is a hypnotic ode to the ironic circumstance of being exhausted by the non-stop social commitments of life on the DIY tour circuit. The track comes with a Brandon Tyson-directed video.

May explains of the track, “When you’re on a long, low-budget tour, and each night all you’re really wanting is a healthy(ish) meal and a full night’s sleep, but in every city your hosts want to show you why St. Louis is the best town ever, or why Oakland is the best town ever…They’re good people wanting to show you a good time, but still–this is what’s called “party jail.” You can’t call it a night, because you’ll be sleeping on the floor that everyone is crowded around.

I recorded this song with Tony 1 just a day or two after I wrote it, and I think the freshness carries through.”

Director Brandon Tyson says of the video, “I told May about a dream I had where members of a sitcom audience were held captive by the TV network and forced to live in the soundstage, destined to laugh at the same bad jokes for eternity.

This story was in line with the themes of “Party Jail.” I changed it to be about a musician who is so swept up in fantasies of fame and glamour that she ignores her reality of being a live-in musician at a local theater, just so she can perform every night for a non-existent audience. It’s a “jail” of her own making and something I think most of us do in one way or another.”