Star Moles Share “Bloodhounds” Video

Today, Star Moles shares the official music video for “Bloodhounds”.

Just out of high school, feeling stuck in a wasted gap year in her New Hampshire hometown before heading to college, Emily Moales found herself in serious need of an escape. Looking around at her rural New England surroundings, the multi-instrumentalist began blurring the lush greenery of reality with that of Medieval Britain. Infusing imagery from the epic tale of King Arthur, Lancelot, and Guinevere into intensely personal songwriting, Moales found that escape in creating the sublime Camelot. The album displays Star Moles’ ability to craft timeless yet eternally present bedroom pop.

Though Moales envisioned Camelot as an escape, the record equally provided a way to address it head on. Album highlight “Not My Heart” takes a tale of unrequited love on a Casiotone waltz before bursting into a classic AM pop jangle, the imagery of Camelot swirling through the mix like a fluttering banner. That clever duality is boosted by the production of Kevin Basko, whose work with Foxygen and his solo project, Rubber Band Gun were a major inspiration. The buoyant indie pop of songs like “Spider Queen” bear that out, letting lyrics about the titular monarch meld with a story of a troubled interpersonal relationship.

Camelot realized the potential of Star Moles after a series of digitally released albums, making it especially fitting to be Moales’ first physical release. Camelot is an impressive show of not only the range of Moales’ songwriting, but her composing and musicianship as well. The piano stomp of “Bloodhounds (Bad News Babe)” is immaculately plonky, understated high harmonies curling like wisps of fog at the base of the track. Moales’ shimmering vibrato in the midst of the sweetly strummy “Agravaine” is a charming surprise, equaled by the angsty growl that opens “Mad Cow Disease”. The twinkling “Stone Man” finds Moales’ looking to a mythic creature of meditative stillness for guidance, her voice swaying as sweetly as anywhere in the Star Moles catalog.