Subway To Sally Release New Video for “Kleid aus Rosen”

Subway To Sally have released the second video from their new live Blu-Ray, Eisheilige Nacht – Back To Lindenpark. This special, intimate version of the fan-favorite “Kleid aus Rosen” (EN: Dress of Roses) offers an absolute world premiere: Ally Storch, as well as Saskia and Birgit from Schandmaul, intonate the legendary three-part polyphony at the beginning of the song for the first time ever live.

This version of “Kleid aus Rosen” stands for what Eisheilige Nacht – Back To Lindenpark is all about: an intimate setting, special guests and unique production.

“There are lyrics that you write in one ride. I can still remember exactly how I put this story on paper. In my mind’s eye I saw a balladeer standing in the marketplace with a display board and telling his audience this gruesome story, perhaps as a lesson and warning for young girls,” says Bodenski on “Kleid aus Rosen”.

“I actually believed at the time that the lyrics would not be suitable for SUBWAY TO SALLY. I was so wrong. When I heard Ingo’s brilliant composition to this text, I was thrilled. It is rightly one of our most popular songs. Everything about this song is just right. In the studio, Sigrid Hausen, better known as Syrah, helped us to sing the three-part intro. Until the Eisheilige Nacht Online, this intro was always recorded. It was a special experience for us to hear it live for the first time!”