UK Spiritual Jazz/Funk Composer Emma-Jean Thackray Shares Video Of Live Performance Of 2nd Single

Bandleader, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer, Emma-Jean Thackray releases “Spectre”, the second single to be lifted from her debut album Yellow, which is out on 2nd July via her own label Movementt.

“Spectre” channels the language of a haunting to confront the harsh reality of depression. With her most soulful vocal performance to date, Thackray wraps herself in pensive guitar notes and off-kilter drum shuffles before moments of orchestral warmth appear from the mist only to retract again as she sings “He haunts me” over and over. Thackray adds, “Mental illness can devour a person from the inside, feeding on their joy, their passions, even their memories, and leave them to haunt the house like a ghost of their former selves. ‘Spectre’ is a means of catharsis.” The single is accompanied by a live video shot in The Church Studios in Crouch End where Thackray is joined by her live band and singers Sara Lima, Andrea Phipps and David Ijishakin

“Spectre’s” predecessor “Say Something” – an entreaty to empty vessels, a plea for people to talk with meaning, proved to be exactly what we’ve been longing for over the last 12 months and is currently on the A-List at BBC 6 Music.

Across its 14 tracks, Yellow draws glowing lines between ‘70s jazz fusion and P-Funk, the cosmic invocations of Sun Ra and Alice Coltrane and the gorgeous orchestration of the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds. “I wanted the whole thing to sound like a psychedelic trip,” explains Thackray. “You put on the first track, it takes you through this intense thing for almost an hour, and then you emerge on the other side transformed.”