Carrington MacDuffie’s Latest Single “Under The Sky” Available Now

Eclectic Indie singer-songwriter Carrington MacDuffie signals to the moon and stars with the release of her latest single, “Under The Sky.” MacDuffie’s cosmic lyrics bring fans into a celestial state of being through vivid imagery and delicate tones. The tune refers to the sky as a roof over our heads and evokes the feeling of being out in the great unknown, being called to the atmosphere with the stars, wind, and sky. MacDuffie creates a freeing feeling that moves throughout all of her music. The imagination and artistry that radiates in “Under The Sky” takes listeners on a transformative journey of emotion, passion, and liberation.

“I wrote this song when I was spending a lot of time in the desert, where you’re completely exposed to the sky,” shares MacDuffie. “I felt in direct dialogue with the natural world, with the Milky Way itself, and the song became a transmittal of that experience. There’s a feeling of mounting change in the lyric, and despite the dreaminess of the instrumentation, the drums at the end become very dynamic and seem to me to announce change as well, the way thunder announces a storm.”

MacDuffie is showing no signs of slowing down as she has been diligently working in the studio to record new music for fans to enjoy. “Under The Sky” is just a glimpse of the magic present in her upcoming album out June 18. As venues begin to reopen, MacDuffie is ready to share her energy with her fans and showcase her unique spirit on a stage near you. MacDuffie’s ongoing passion for the world around her manifests beautifully into this lovely tune, keeping fans on their toes for everything she has planned for the upcoming months.