The Witherbees Release Delightful Collection, ‘Love Letter,’ Along with Live Session of Track “easy”

Folk-jazz blend The Witherbees have been bridging the gap between folk, jazz, blues and roots since 2018, and today they release their second album, Love Letter. Led by Mike Lorenz and Jacqui Armbruster, the mellow yet delightful 10-track LP includes a cover of The Beach Boys’ “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times” alongside original compositions, and features a slew of instruments like an Electronic Valve Instrument (EVI), an organ, a pedal steel guitar and more.

Artists like Bill Frisell, Julian Lage, Sam Amidon, Paul Motian are constant inspirations in Lorenz’s creative drive. Working closely with recording engineer Tom Spiker, the band was able to cultivate an organic and intimate sound for this record. However, finishing the record amidst a pandemic resulted in a long and uncertain process full of reflection, ingenuity, and resilience.

“Other than wanting to quit music several times over the course of the past 15 months, I think the slow down has offered me the chance to connect with my instrument in a more meaningful way than I ever have,” explains Lorenz. While it was a much different process than the first effort, the band found new ways to collaborate and explore the ways they complement each other artistically and creatively. Between impromptu at-home recording sessions and sharing rough drafts and mixes of songs via text messages in such an unprecedented time, The Witherbees ultimately carved out and cemented a unique space of their own.