Dopesick Returns with Explosive Video for New Single, “Day Eraser”

The always-evolving Dopesick has returned with a crushing new single, “Day Eraser,” and as does the explosive music video, produced and conceptualized by Wacy Jahn of Film/Facer.

Driven by potent guitar riffs, groove-tinged basslines and thrash infused drum sections, “Day Eraser” is one of, if not the, heaviest the California troop has ever sounded, while also remaining catchy with an energetic swagger. The track is a dark and atmospheric thrill ride that takes aim at the negativity people encounter in everyday life.

“People who waste your time and energy are day erasers,” says Dopesick mastermind Adam Albright. “‘Day Eraser’ has a hypnotic heaviness to it like Hannibal Lecter to your face.”