Mob Rich Drops Video For “Funeral”

Today, alt-pop duo Mob Rich reveals the video for “Funeral,” their latest single taken from their debut album, Why No Why, out now.

The video, directed by the band’s frequent collaborator Jack Dytrych, follows Maxwell Joseph and Connor Pledger as they secretly drive out to the desert in the middle of the night with body bags and shovels. To the viewer’s surprise, they end up burying each other alive, as they sing, “This is the funeral for my dark side. It’s the last time. Yeah it’s goodbye. I will bury you deep, 6 foot under my feet.”

Of the video, Mob Rich says, “This video was a lot of fun to make. We pulled an all-nighter and drove out to the desert, and we pulled a lot of favors for this one. We got to work with one of our good friends Jack Dytrych, and he absolutely smashed it. We’ve got one little funny story about this shoot too. So, after we filmed the first shots of the video, we had to stuff these fake bodies in the back of our favorite drummer Gavin McDonald’s Ford Pinto. We were driving behind him the whole way up to the desert, and it was one of the creepiest and most hilarious things to see while driving behind. A fake foot hanging out, a couple shovels, and what appeared to be bodies in the back of his car at 2am. We were just hoping he didn’t get pulled over for anything because that would have been really awkward to explain. But we were just glad we got there without any problems and got to create another fun piece of art. We hope everyone enjoys it.”