Nick Flessa Shares Music Video for “Ditch the Dirtbag”

Today, LA-based experimental indie artist Nick Flessa shares a new dark satire music video for his karaoke-inspired country-disco single “Ditch the Dirtbag,” directed by Michael Abitz. In the video, Abitz’s weird world of animated screen time validation and phallic competition weaves in and out of readymade commercial grade stock footage, slowly building alongside a surfy drum machine drone and my layered vocal admonition to ‘ditch the dirtbag.’

On the video, Flessa shares: “On the surface the song is a piece of advice addressed to a friend to break up with an unsavory partner, but it was also written as a response to observing creepy power dynamics in the art and music spaces where I’ve performed it. Michael’s video elevates it all to a surreal, free-associative reflection about male validation across a multiplicity of screens in a variety of settings. It was created during quarantine and I think speaks to the way a distorted, abstract, mediated version of our lives played out on social media and over phone screens while ‘reality’ became something more elusive. It also speaks to the absurdity of petty competition as played out in digital spaces. This is my fifth music video with Abitz, and the second animated video we have done together.”