Hammer King Releases Third Single “Awaken The Thunder”

In the spirit of old school power metal, German up-and-comers Hammer King have gathered to release their third single, “Awaken The Thunder”, and set ablaze on their new album, Hammer King, out tomorrow, June 11 via Napalm Records.

The new single is a heavy, fist-pumping power metal anthem! The double-bass groove catches the listener off guard, leading seamlessly into the passionately performed verses by Titan Fox V. Hammer King at its best – illustrated with a strong official video in the sign of the Hammer!

“We are thrilled to kickstart tomorrow’s release of our album Hammer King with one of our favorite songs: The prophetic “Awaken The Thunder”! Lyrically, the songs work both inside and outside of the Hammer King universe, which is a direction we want to keep for the future. Witzki Visions have created a powerful video with story elements. It’s time to arise and awaken the thunder,” singer Titan Fox V  says of the new single.