Mercury Circle Share Brand New Music Video For “Black Mirrors”

Mercury Circle have shared a brand new song from their upcoming and highly anticipated debut album, “Killing Moons”, which is slated for release on October 8, 2021 via Noble Demon.

Born as a brainchild in 2018 by Iconcrash’s and Swallow The Sun’s Jaani Peuhu, and featuring members of Children Of Bodom, Sleep Of Monsters & more, Mercury Circle create a diverse blend of dark rock infused with electrifying synth wave and slow, epic doom. On their upcoming full-length album, Mercury Circle unleash ten enthralling tracks, which differ wildly in expression and sonic aesthetics. “Killing Moons” is a deeply powerful and majestic piece of music – truly representing a genre of its own – and one that will take the listener on an all-absorbing trip into yet unimaginable spheres.