Karaboudjan Shares “I’ll Be Just Fine”

Southern California-based indie psych-rock artist Karaboudjanshares his third single, “I’ll Be Just Fine”.

Fans of Flume, Tame Impala, or Grizzly Bear, look no further. In a tidal wave of synths, electronic drum kits, and fuzzy lo-fi harmonies, Karaboudjan’s “I’ll Be Just Fine” is a nostalgic electro-rock ode to falling in love at the Beauty Bar (of all places). Nostalgic, sweet, and summery, the airy ambience of “I’ll Be Just Fine” is the perfect soundtrack for the summer.

The story behind the song is also ridiculously cute. Karaboudjan shares: “I’ll Be Just Fine” is actually the last track of the EP, Imago. Initially the verse is about finding my way through the world, fresh out of a 7 year relationship. I left town as soon as I could, and I ended up visiting a buddy living in the Upper East Side in NYC. We were hanging out with a group of friends at the time, and I’ll never forget the moment of us finding our way into the Beauty Bar, where I eventually fell instantly head over heels for my old friend from 6th grade. We’ve been happily married since 2018! This is the closest thing to a “love song” that I’ve ever created, as I’ve tended to avoid writing them.”