Chucky73 Shares “Diri”

NYC-based rapper Chucky73 returns to share a new song and video. “Diri” is a summer-ready track featuring Sie7etr3’s own Nenin on production duties. Featuring Chucky’s classic sound and flow, “Diri” comes alongside a music video showcasing the Bronx rapper living his best summer life – partying at night and hitting the golf course and counting cash during the day.

“Diri” is Chucky73’s latest in a string of singles released in 2021. The new track follows “Mi Ciudad,” “Nube,” the recent collaboration between Chucky73 and Carrion, and “Ranchero”. With infectious, rapid-fire bars “Diri” highlights the distinctive, bi-lingual style that Chucky displayed on his debut album, 2020’s critically acclaimed De Chamaquito Siempre Cabezu. Pitchfork proclaimed that the album “showcases [Sie7etr3’s] leader’s elastic flows and artful delivery”, while The FADER added that “Chucky has gone from local Bronx underdog to an international sensation,” in a Chucky-focused entry in their Gen F profile series. Rolling Stone noted that Sie7etr3’s music, “sounds nothing like the pop-wise sung rap prevalent on the charts right now – and that’s a good thing,” – making it clear that everyone is taking notice of Chucky73 and his Bronx-based crew.