Julia Daigle Shares New Single “Usage Domestique”

Montreal-based artist Julia Daigle (co-founder of Paupière) shares “Usage Domestique” the lead single from her debut album, Un singe sur l’épaule (due out November 5th via Lisbon Lux). “Usage Domestique” is sleek French alt-pop track with a Kate Bush-meets-Soft Machine energy. Produced by Dominic Vanchesteing, mixed by Alex Crow, and mastered by Shags Chamberlain (Drugdealer), “Usage Domestique” has the glossy production of a Top 40 pop hit with an underground indie edge.

Un singe sur l’épaule is the meeting of the world of singer Juliea Daigle (co-founder of Paupière) and producer and multi-instrumentalist Domininic Vanchesteing (Bernardino Femminielli, Jeff and the Holograms, Plaza Musique). In their first collaboration, the two visionaries share their common influences and their passion for storytelling. Combining contemporary alt pop with echoes of music from the past, they create a bucolic and elegant universe evocative of Charlotte Gainsbourg or even the 70’s Quebec progressive band Contraction.

Julia Daigle will be releasing her debut album Un singe sur l’épaule in the fall of 2021 on Lisbon Lux Records.