Kino Motel Shares “Simple Desire”

Melbourne-based duo Kino Motel’s windy and spacious second single, “Simple Desire”, sees Rosa Mercedes take on lead vocal duties, weaving her addictive melodies around deep rolling bass lines. Bandmate Ed Fraser provides a bendy soundscape on guitars and synth, using seemingly elastic notes to bend each section into the next, while Josefin Runsteen completes the composition with some beautifully vintage drum beats.

Filmed on location in South East Asia pre-pandemic, the music video takes us on a trip across Vietnam on foot, on dirtbikes and across seas, as Kino Motel continue their International Action Duo series. Picking up where part 1, ‘Waves’, left off, Simple Desire sees the characters push across new ground, and sets things up for part 3 to take over.