Parody Metallers Nanowar Of Steel Reveal New Song “La Polenta Taragnarock”

After temporarily transforming into a pop boyband, Nanowar Of Steel are back with their beloved brand of comedy infused heavy metal on their new album, Italian Folk Metal, to be released this Friday via Napalm Records!

On their brand new offering, the five-piece takes its fans on a journey through the roots of their beautiful homeland. Starting with the first single “Der Fluch des Käptn Iglo”, an homage to the all beloved fried dish fishsticks by Captain Findus, followed by hilarious power metal anthem “Gabonzo Robot”, Parody metallers NANOWAR OF STEEL express their love for polenta on the new single “La Polenta Taragnarok”!

“La Polenta Taragnarock is more than a song. It is also more than just food. It is an anthem which we wrote one year ago on a direct livestream with our fans, and merges our two souls – Italian food lovers and metal addicted vikings – into a single product. Moreover, we managed to get our hero and master of stainless steel Giorgio Mastrota to sing and act with us in the video. It’s a dream embodied in 500gr of golden, tasty corn flour,” says Nanowar Of Steel.