Elias Bendix Shares New Album

Today, Danish songwriter and guitaris Elias Bendix shares his full length album, Puzz.

Danish songwriter and guitarist Elias Bendix is overflowing with stories. A natural storyteller with a knack for drawing in audiences from far and wide with his captivating lyrics and catchy hooks, there is always a common thread of intrigue that ties his songs together: the desire to bring people together through music. And his latest venture, a pure pop single “Superheroes” does exactly that. Bursting with colorful guitar melodies and triumphant hooks, “Superheroes” is a song about surrendering to love, and celebrating the joy it brings.

In regards to his mission as an artist, Bendix says, “My mission is to unite people through my music. It’s magical when it succeeds and I dream of the audience getting closer to each other and meeting someone they do not know based on the musical feelings they have felt, whether it is because they are into pop, funk, soul, rock or jazz. secondarily as long as they have felt something that made them let go for a brief moment and become a part of something bigger.”