Nic D Unleashes “Fine Apple” (Lemon & Lime Remix) Featuring Bryce Vine

Stirring a new treat for his growing audiences of millions, buzzing rapper and singer Nic D dishes up the “Fine Apple” (Lemon & Line Remix) [feat. Bryce Vine] today.

On this version, multi-platinum pop/hip-hop maverick Bryce Vine adds another dimension to the track with a slick and sizzling verse of his own.

Of the meaning behind “Fine Apple,” Nic D says, “I wrote this song for and about my wife. I tend to write songs about glorifying my wife because I like to uplift the women in my life. It was written in a moment after we had a conversation about me pursuing music full-time, and she fully hopped on board. I felt really supported by her, which resulted in a feel-good song. When you have people in your corner, it feels good and makes the music feel happier. I write a lot of songs about her, and there will be more because she deserves it. And I like my water with lemon and lime.”

On the video, he says “The song did really well on TikTok, so I did a lot of callbacks to videos I made on TikTok, since that’s where the song first went viral. For the people who made it happen for me, I wanted to make them feel like those bits and pieces were for them, because they were part of the whole process for me.”