Chorusing Shares New Single “Midday Sun”

Chorusing—the creative moniker of Raleigh, NC-based songwriter/producer Matthew O’Connell—today shared his new song “Midday Sun,” the second single from his forthcoming debut album, Half Mirror. “‘Midday Sun’ is the only song on the record that takes place during the day and not at night. It’s a song about waking up late after a long night—attempting to leave old habits behind and fantasizing about a simpler, more settled life,” explains O’Connell of the cadent, transfixing track. “It’s kind of my ode to Nirvana Unplugged, stripped-down drums and bass providing a bed for the vocals and noisy guitar. I wanted that slide guitar to seem like a mirage, like heat waves coming off hot asphalt, a kind of sonic metaphor for the lyrical themes.” “Midday Sun” follows the hypnotic and ambient, yet pulsating lead single “Watching The Beams,” shared last month; Half Mirror will be released on August 13th, 2021, via Western Vinyl.

When pressed about the meaning of the album’s title, O’Connell says, “Almost all of the songs are retrospective, and Half Mirror is a metaphor for trying to reflect on experiences in an incomplete or unsatisfactory way. Or maybe it’s the paradox of trying to relive something outside of the moment it was actually experienced.” Filtering the poetry of fractured, imperfect memories through a lush, yet sparse palette of sounds, Half Mirror evokes a profoundly moody sense of place: the fog heavy in the mountain peaks, the dew present on early morning walks, and the musky smell of rhododendrons in the air.