Shiny Joe Ryan Shares “Pub Boat”

Sporting a mane of curly locks, a hilarious sense of humour and a lilting Irish brogue, Shiny Joe Ryan is a wonderous enigma. Today, the Pond multi-instrumentalist shares his anomalous-yet-nostalgic album track “Pub Boat,” lifted from his long-awaited second studio album Shiny’s Democracy, available Friday, July 23 via Spinning Top Records. “Pub Boat” is accompanied by a buoyant visual featuring a real-life pub on wheels that will bring you along for the ride, all the way to Shiny Joe’s very own backyard. Coming on the heels of previous single, “Ketamine,” which received high praise from critics and fans alike, “Pub Boat” shows us the range we have come to expect from Shiny Joe Ryan and his insatiable knack for a catchy chord.

Shiny Joe explains the premise behind the jaunty and propulsive track, saying “‘Pub Boat’ is quite literally a song about a boat I saw ferrying tourists around the canals of Amsterdam. The whole thing was decked out like a nice floating pub. The thing I love about the song though is the chug. Playing the 3/4 guitar over the 4/4 drums makes for a lovely deep groove and playing it with the band is so much fun.”

Initially, Shiny Joe had big dreams to bring the idea of a real-life pub boat from the canals of Amsterdam to the waterways of Western Australia for the video, “I had borrowed the family tinny with the hope of filming thIs video on the Swan River. The idea was to drop each member of the band in the river holding onto a keg barrel as floatation and film me pulling each of them from the water. However, it was winter and the idea of making my mates jump in the river didn’t seem like a good one. So instead, we adopted the techniques used by the ancient Egyptians to move the block for the pyramids. Using the keg barrels as rollers, the band were able to transport the boat with me in it down the road into the backyard where we all had a few beers”