Paupière Premiere New Video for “Sade Sati”

Montreal-based Paupière share a new music video for their track “Sade Sati” off their recent LP Sade Sati.

The concept for Paupière’s Sade Sati is based on the idea of Saturn’s Return, a planetary alignment that astrologers describe as influencing a person’s life development at roughly 30 year intervals. The cosmic logic of the video focuses on three key age moments of Saturn’s Return (30, 60 and 90 years old) being the versions of Julia that we see inhabiting this strange capsule house. The video is a shapeshifting journey of time and reflection, interesting in the cyclical nature of life.

Montreal-based Paupière shared their LP, Sade Sati on May 10, 2021 out now on all DSPs. Glide premiered the album, praising how “Paupière breaks the rules with its worldly hypnotic-beat-driven pop that references pop flashpoints from past to present.