Prey For Sunday Release New Single “Broken Hearted Man”

Hard Rock/ Metal band Prey for Sunday has released their new single “Broken Hearted Man”.

The Song Broken Hearted Man is a true story based on the life of my brother Justin Persico. He’s my younger brother, so that was fun, but anyone who has brothers know what I mean. Let’s just say it can go both ways quick. The story follows us as we were teens growing up in Seneca IL. It’s a coming of age kinda tale I guess” says Tony Persico, the band’s vocalist.

He adds, “Most times were good, but when drugs and drinking started happening on the reg it also simultaneously started us down a wrong path and at times the video depicts what that was like too see your younger brother who you love, slip into that hard place; a hard place that’s also very difficult too be delivered from. This was a hard story to tell, a familiar story that I’m sure people have probably went threw themselves. As time goes on and a ton of arguments and fights later – as he’s being pulled through the wall its a reminder too us all that your prayers will breakthrough.”