Daneshevskaya Announces Debut

Brooklyn-based musician and songwriter Daneshevskaya—a.k.a. the moniker and Lithuanian middle name of Anna Beckerman—will release her beautifully understated debut EP Bury Your Horses on August 20th. Blending elements of classical music, chamber pop, art rock, country & western, even chanson, Bury Your Horses explores the loss of friends, lovers and acquaintances, and embraces the marks those relationships left on her life rather than struggles with the absences left behind. “Sometimes the songs were smarter than I was. When I was being very emotional or super sensitive, somehow in these songs I was able to be happy for other people even as they were leaving. I was able to wish them the best,” Beckerman explains of the tracks that she wrote across the past five years. “All the songs tie back to the gratitude I have for what being left has shown me.” The result is an eccentric and inviting debut that toggles gracefully between melancholy and humor, mournfulness and playfulness, whimsy and gravity.

To celebrate the announcement of Bury Your Horses, Daneshevskaya shares the first single off of the EP entitled “Dr. Johann Averies.” Inspired by a heard-but-not-seen character in Paranormal Activity, “Dr. Johann Averies” features fluttering strings and a steady current of piano chords that coalesce into a sympathetic backdrop for Beckerman’s musings on letting go.